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​The first image is of a research image that I was given to build a working hydrant out of. Using various materials from the shop including: sonotube, plywood, PVC pipe, plumbing parts, and random bolts, nuts, and washers, I created this pump. During the production an actor needed to turn it on and drink from it. To accomplish this I inserted a Hudson sprayer that was attached to the spigot, when the spigot was opened the sprayer would release the water. 



This bread hard was created by forming a piece of 1/4" steel rod into the shape that we wanted to create. I did this by heating the metal with an oxy/ acetylene torch and shaping it with an anvil and hammer. After the base was created I made bread dough and braided it together around the steel rod frame and baked it in the oven. After it came out of the oven I covered it in shellac to preserve it.  


This statue was carved from bead foam and draped in cheese cloth. To start this process I cut out a piece of foam from a larger block and glued the images of the woman to the block. I then used the same method as you would make a cabriole leg for furniture and cut out a rough shape. This was done by using a chain saw to cut out around one side of the figure and then reattaching the fall off and doing the same to the other sides. Once the rough shape was cut out I set out using a chainsaw, bear saw, rasps and hands to shape the figure into the final project. After the figure was shaped the body was draped in cheese cloth dipped in white glue. Pam Johnson, the Costume Designer for the show, helped with this part because we wanted to make the final piece look like a costume that is worn in the play. After the draping I made "goop" a mixture of Flex glue and joint compound to give the whole piece a similar texture and also to to use as a foam coat. Finally I added a wig, painted her and then mounted her to a pedestal.


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